Auto Key Presser for Mac

Now you can press a single Keystroke Multiple times with configurable speed using Auto Key Presser for Mac. The Software titled Auto Keyboard by offers configurable Shortcut Key, Configurable Time Delay and option to send Keystrokes to Active Window or to a Specific Window. You can Download Free Trial of the Auto Key Presser on your Macintosh and give it a try.

Auto Key Presser for Macintosh

Download Auto Key Presser for Macintosh

Download Free Trial of this Keystroke Presing Utility on your Macintosh and Evaluate it for Free. The Free Trial of this Key Pressing Utility is fully functional with usage limitation. No Nagging Popups or Reminders are offered during the Trial Period. To Type Text Sentences, you can use Auto Typer for Mac which allows you to Type Text Sentences instead of pressing single Keystroke multiple time.

Features of Auto Key Presser for Macintosh

Given below features are offered by this nifty utility. This Application can be really handy whenever you need to press a single keystroke multiple times on a regular or random interval.

Screenshots of Auto Keystroke Pressing Utility

Given below Screenshots display Screenshot of the Software. Note that the Screenshot of Auto Key Presser for Macintosh have been captured on Macintosh OS Mojave and appearance of the software on other Macintosh Operating System will remain the same. Given below Screenshots have been captured when the Display Settings of Macintosh OS Mojave have been set to use Default Light Colored theme.

Auto Key Presser on Mac OS Mojave running on Light Theme
Settings of Auto Key Presser for Mac to Configure Key Pressing
Help Screen for Settings Screen
Permission Helper Screen in Auto Key Presser for Mac OS Mojave

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Auto Key Presser for Windows

You can also get Auto Key Presser for Windows which is also a Free to Download and try on your Windows PC.