Auto Typer for Mac

Text Typing Software Application presented here allows you to type Text Sentences with configurable Keyboard Shortcut. You can store upto 5 individual Text Sentences in Auto Typer for Mac and assign individual Keyboard Shortcuts to Automate Text Typing onto Active Application Window. You can even control Text Typing speed by configuring per character delay which is in milliseconds available at the bottom of the screen of this text tying software for Mac.

Download Auto Typer for Mac

Download and try out Auto Typer for Mac for free on your Macintosh. The Free trial of this Macintosh Utility does not have any functionality limitations and is a fully functional free trial. Do have a look at the screenshot of this text typing application running on macOS Big Sur to know what all is offered by this software.

Features of Auto Typer for Mac

Given below are various features offered by Auto Typer for Mac which you can use and explore Automatic Text Typing on your Mac.

Auto Typer Script

Download Auto Mouse Click for Mac and create Automatic Text Typing Script on your Mac. The Text Typing Script can also have other Text Typing Keystrokes like Tab Key, Enter Key, Shift + Tab, etc. You can even repeat Automated Text Typing with Repeat Count or even repeat the whole Script Repeat Count which can encompass multiple Keyboard Actions.

Yes there are other features in Auto Mouse Click for Mac which includes other Task Automation Actions for your Mac.